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Alternative Perspective 13
Episode 13: Untying the Binds, Part 1
Today was another typical day within Delta Red. Cammy, Caius and the rest of the team were at the briefing room alongside with Colonel Wolfman. It was a session held by the Colonel about on how to deal with missions, such as choosing the best course of action (or COA), or on how to deal with various hazards that one can find and other various things.
Since Shadaloo was out of the picture, those sessions were important to the team, because they kept their minds on the best possible condition. In addition to the typical training, the team was ready for everything.
“...And that's all there is to it, people. Are there any questions?” Wolfman said.
“No sir!” The team said back.
“Very well! Remember, here in Delta Red, readiness is of utmost importance. No one can predict what will happen, so it is vital to stay sharp.”
“IF something will happen, Colonel. It's been a lot of time when... Well, you know, I d
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Alternative Perspective 12
Episode 12: Proper Introductions – Evil Activities
It's been a couple of days since Caius proposed to his Delta Red teammates for dinner at his newly acquired house. He also had time to decorate tide it up as well.
“Alright, that should do the trick, I hope these guys will like it.” Caius said, while adding some ingredients to the dinner he was making.
It was just a few hours before his new friends arrive to his place and he wanted everything to be in place. After some time, he could hear the bell ringing....
“Hey everyone, welcome, come in!” he said to his teammates.
“Good evening, Sarge! It's nice to see you in casual wear!” Wofman said.
“Likewise for you all. I suppose these clothes makes us look more human.”
“And your hair tied in one place... Hmm, you look even better like that!” Lita said, making Caius blush somehow.
“Oh... anyway, come in!”
The team walked inside the house, while laughing silent
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SF4 - Alt. Perspective 11
Episode 11: London is Calling!!!
"Hey, where are you going, Caius?"
"I told you, I need to settle down, right? Well, now's the time. You know, find a house, some furniture, that kind of stuff."
"Sounds good, let us know if you need any help!"
"You helped me a lot already. I'll just take my time just for now."
"As you wish... Sergeant Major!"
"Hey, knock it off. Anyway i'm off to London. I'll see you again, bro. I've already informed the Colonel about that thing so i'm off-duty today."
"OK, have a good time finding a house!"
With that said, Caius was ready to hit London. He was overjoyed by the fact that he had become a Delta Red member. And of course, becoming one isn't an easy task, but Caius had everything they needed.
Caius was ready to leave MI-6 until he got a glimpse of Cammy sitting in the briefing room. She was checking various info regarding Shadaloo. And of course, with a warm cup of tea near her.
"Hey Captain, what's up?"
"Hello, Sergeant Major."
"Don't call me th
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SF4 - Alt. Perspective 10
Episode 10: Welcome to Delta Red!!!
After spending a week in the infirmary, Caius was finally able to stand on his own feet again. With a new set of clothes given to him by Ginzu, he took some time to arrange his belongings back at his dormitories and he took a quick shower; something that he was wishing after the end of his survival training.
He wore his new clothes (still, these clothes were for new trainees in hopes of becoming fully-fledged Delta Red members) and he began his trip to the Colonel's office.
"Meet him in his office... What on earth is he planning again? One way to find out, I guess..."
Frustration is the only thing that he was feeling. He's being through a lot at the post months and yet, no word about him joining the rest of his teammates at Delta Red....
Along the way he spotted McKoy. Before Caius could say anything to him, McKoy said:
"Hey, look who's back from the dead!!! I hear that the Colonel's waiting for you, right?"
"Yeah, nice to see you too,
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SF4 - Alt. Perspective 9
Episode 9: Unexpected Turn of Events
Colonel Wolfman shouted, giving an end to the battle between Caius and Cammy. Apparently, he and the team needed some answers about Caius's mysterious ability. They stepped down from the upper level of the training room and they reached the lowest level, in which the two young fighters were fighting.
Cammy was looking at Caius while he was sitting on the ground. He was feeling a great deal of pain due to the activation of his right eye. Wolfman approached them and he started talking to Caius.
"Excellent. We're mostly impressed with both your fighting abilities and your stamina. You managed to hold off most of the Captain's attacks, even in your current worn out condition."
"Umm, thank you, I suppose?"
"Haha, don't worry, it's over. You don't have to prove yourself anymore."
"Great... Glad to hear that... But before you ask me about this, I..."
"No worries, you deserve some rest first! After that, we can talk about th
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SF4 - Alt. Perspective 8
Episode 8: Caius's Trump Card
The stage was set for the battle between Cammy and Caius. Although he was worn out from those 10 days of survival, there was no other way. He needed to stand up against Cammy, even if the odds were against him.
At the same time, Wolfman ordered the rest of the team to gather to a higher spot from the ground, in order to watch the fight. He didn't want anyone to interrupt them.
"Well then, have at you, Caius!" Cammy shouted and he rushed towards him.
"Damn... That's unfair. What Colonel Wolfman is thinking? " he said to himself.
Cammy was closing in really quick. She is extremely fast; he couldn't do much in his current state. The only wise thing for now was to defend himself, until he could found an opening at Cammy's offense.
"OK, relax and everything's gonna be OK, just focus on defending for a while... But... Every time I fought with Cammy, my right eye was feeling a bit of.... odd somehow... Same as now. What the hell is going on...
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SF4 - Alt. Perspective 7
Episode 7: Welcome back, sir!!!
"So, what day is today, Captain?"
"It's the 10th day, sir."
"Very good.. Well, it's time to bring him back."
"Yes sir. I shall inform our pilot right away to prepare himself for the journey."
"Do it. In the meantime, i'll make sure that everything will be set for Caius's arrival..."
After she spoke with the Colonel, Cammy transferred the order to one of the pilots of MI-6. The 10 days had passed and it was the time for Caius to return back to them and finally, he'll be able to take off the training uniform in order to wear the official Delta Red attire along with a red beret.
The pilot took off and he headed to the island in which Caius had undergone his survival training. After a couple of hours, he arrived at the Atlantic Ocean, where everything began for young Caius.
The chopper landed at the shore and the pilot was able to spot Caius; he was topless, practicing his punches and kicks by hitting a thin tree. Not to huge, but it made a perfec
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I Still Remember...
I still remember... I can still remember some things... Things like the breeze of the soft air, the blue sky with some soft clouds gently trying to cover this giant blue gap, the heat of the summer, the smell of the tarmac in which we used to play...
These memories have been engraved on our minds... Back in the day, were we used to be more happy, more carefree, more........
Most of all, we were smiling... And laughing... We were full of life...
Nowadays, things are not about of blue skies and soft clouds... It's all about trying to survive in a cold world...
Long gone are the smiles and all of the laughing...In their place, sadness and misery filled our hearts...
It's an endless road of pain, anxiety and worries... We can't play like the way we used to... We can't hope for better things, because we can't even have the basic ones... We are struggling, each and one of us, every passing day...
Some are coping with all of these harsh things; some are getting crushed by the burden of life..
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SF4 - Alt. Perspective 6
Episode 6: I'll Survive!!!
That day was really big for Caius. It was time for the survival mission and he was ready, even the fact that he was having a little doubt deep down inside, but just like Cammy, he survived thus far and he needed to be ready at all times; this was the principle of Delta Red. This final test will determine if he's going to join the team, or not...
The rest of the team put a lot of faith in his abilities and they knew, before even the mission, that he would succeed.
Cammy, on the other hand, had some thoughts in her mind, troubling her every single day since Delta Red found Caius back in that island. She kept thinking about Shadaloo. Where they really disbanded or are they just assembling their scattered forces? Even with this optical disc Caius gave them in the past months, they couldn't find any link to them..."Maybe it's over... finally. We can rest assured now, can we? But, what about those guys who kidnapped Caius back then?" she said to herse
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SF4 - Alt. Perspective 5
Episode 5: In Training!!!
Many months have passed since Caius agreed on joining Delta Red back at MI-6. In order to join them however, he needed to pass a series of certain training sessions in order to prove that he'll be a valuable asset to the rest of the team, although Colonel Wolfman and Cammy knew that he had everything they needed.
The young man received special training on many courses: Espionage, assassination, gathering intelligence, etc.; He triumphed on every department (not to mention that he already had some extensive training back in where Delta Red found him), making Wolfman proud and somewhat skeptic at the same time. The rest of the team still had some doubts over Caius's identity, but they had great confidence on the Colonel's decision and they felt more drawn towards him in the past months.
Between Caius's final training sessions, the Delta Red team gathered at the Briefing Room and discussed on him and his abilities.
"So, what do you think?" Wolfman said to
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SF4 - Alt. Perspective 4
Episode 4: Inside MI-6: Time to get Red
It was a long and somewhat exhausting journey, but the choppers made it back to England at MI-6. Caius was fallen asleep; he never had the luxury of relaxation back when he was kidnapped, so he found some time to chill out for a while.
Cammy was still very skeptic by the Colonel's decision. Although she admits that Caius had a lot of spark inside him, she needed more clues of his whereabouts. Also, this whole scenery reminded of herself; Caius is something of a mirror to her reflecting her past, especially now that he's going to join Delta Red....
The choppers landed and Wolfman woke up the young lad.
"Here we are, it's time to go now." he said to Caius.
"Uhmm, yeah, yeah..." Caius said back to him, feeling a little bit dizzy.
Along with the rest of the soldiers, they set afoot inside MI-6. Caius was feeling a bit awkward but no one could blame him, since all of the eyes were looking towards him.
Everything inside MI-6 were looking really
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SF4 - Alt. Perspective 3
Episode 3: Identity Revealed – Decision Taken
The choppers were closing on MI-6 at England, but many things were twisting inside the boy's mind...It was a hard call... "Joining Delta Red, just like that?" the young man wandered...
"You're.... You're asking me to join you?"
"Why not? Is there anywhere you can go or anything you can do?" Wolfman said back.
"......." The boy was thinking hard.
Cammy was watching the conversation and she objected:
"Colonel, he knows my name! Not to mention he was able to read some of my movements somehow!"
"Hmm, that make things interesting, right Captain?"
"But sir, he is not even brainwashed, how can this be?" She said back.
The boy stroke a smile and said:
"It's natural, since Bison was not in the picture."
"You mean that Bison wasn't back there?" Cammy asked.
" If he was, I would be brainwashed right now. Those guys weren't Shadaloo either..."
"... Is that so?" Cammy said back to him, feeling a bit relaxed. For a moment she thought t
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SF4 - Alt. Perspective 2
Episode 2: A Chance To Earn A New Life
It was only a couple of minutes before the explosion. The young fighters were ready to duke it out, not thinking about the pressure of time. She needed the optical disc the boy had; it was the only info of the existence of this facility. There wasn't time to debate.
"Well then, here goes!!!" she said, dashing forward to the boy. She jumped towards him, executing her Cannon Strike. The boy, raised his hand and stopped the attack with his palm. She wasn't expecting such simple movement that it could block her CS. Afterwards, he applied pressure and through the girl away. She managed to stand on her feet easily.
"It looks like you knew about this attack..." she said to him
"Well, I actually did.... Ms. Cammy!"
".........How did you know my name?" she inquired
"It's secret, I can't really tell you!" he said, with a cunning smile.
That drove Cammy to the edge and kept attacking him with more pressure. The boy managed to escape her, dashing towar
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SF4 - Alternative Perspective
Episode 1: A New Challenge(r) Appears?
She kept her eyes closed. She concentrated on the chopper sounds. She couldn't believe that they would return. Either way, she had to face it and left her painful past behind. Although many of the Delta Red members believed that everything was over, she knew better than anyone...
The choppers were closing at the designated place. Atlantic Ocean, a small remote island. Delta Red had intercepted some strange readings from that place. "This couldn't be a coincidence, we have to investigate this..." she said back at MI-6.
Along with her, Colonel Wolfman was at her side.
"The orders are simple: Investigate the surrounding area for enemies and infiltrate the facility, gathering as much info as possible", the Colonel said to the soldiers and to her.
The soldiers cleared the area outside the facility and she infiltrated it.
"How did they constructed this base on a such small island? And why the government and the Delta Red kept us believing that
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